Farmhouse Master Bath Remodel

Brickman_HouseMarch 1, 2005

Adding mine to the mix...

A remodeled master bath in a 160 year old farmhouse. Wanted all the modern bells and whistles with some period touches...

Image link:

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Hmm... link didn't work the first time. Let's try this again...

Here is a link that might be useful: Remodeled Master Bathroom

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Beautiful! I love all the elements you've put into the bathroom. The floor is gorgeous as are your tub & plumbing fixtures.

Where did you get the toothbrush butler? What a great idea.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

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fantastic job! what paint colour did you end up with in the bathroom? congrats!

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That is an amazing transformation!!!! Wow! Love it.

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Drue, I may have posted this already, but your bath makeover is just marvelous! I even asked my hubby if we should get toothbrush butlers, but he just told me he thought it would be cheaper to brush our own teeth! Why did I marry a hoosier, anyway?
Great looking bath and I know you are so pleased to have it done. I am still making decisions on mine. Who knew it would all be so complicated?


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That is a wonderful bathroom! I especially love the armoire. What a beautiful job you did.

Now, WHERE did you get those toothbrush butlers? I'm googling like crazy and can't find them.

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Very nice, but by now you probably have figured out kitty did not want her/his own sink. She/he only wants the one you are using!! Oh well!

Great remodel. You'll love it!

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That's one beautiful ans classy bath. And Classic, too. Very clean and crisp - love the faucets especially. It's just beautiful!

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Just in case anyone else cruising through the gallery wants to know about the toothbrush butlers, I wanted to pass this info on (I had bugged the OP by email a while back when I saw them on the website, hadn't even known there were pix on this gallery)... they are made by Wamsutta. IIRC they're called the Palace Collection Dental Organizer. I bought one for a friend at Linens & Things a few weeks back and it was only about $20. They're not on the website anymore. I found them at the actual store, but they were stuck way down on a bottom shelf.

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The white with chrome edge is available on the web site.
16.99. Just saw this thread, today, for the first time. Have been looking for just such a thing! Nice! I just googled Wamsutta bath accessories, which brought me to linens 'n things.
Wamsuuta page > Bath Collections > Palace Collection Bath Accessories > Palace Classic Toothbrush Holder White

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this toothbrush "butler" i also available at Bed, Bath & Beyond... for those still interested.

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