Our completed Master Bath/Dressing Room

compumomMarch 7, 2007

We've just completed an exhausting 11 month addition of a master bathroom and remodel of the existing closet/dressing area/and master bath into one very large closet/dressing area/retreat. I'm posting photos at this early stage so that you can see what we did. I'm very happy with the result, however, as always there are things now that I would do differently. I've not even begun to decorate or accessorize, just moving back in is a monster chore.

The diamond paned windows are integral to the rest of the front of the house and so I had to continue them in the MB as well. One day I'll change the entire house to mullioned which matches the french doors on the rear.

I'm very open to suggestions for window treatments. Privacy is not an issue at all, I just want to soften the look with maybe a cornice box and definitely padded to absorb some of the echo factor in this hard space. Any other decor ideas are welcome too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eleven months of blood, sweat, tears and many dollars over budget!

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Mom, can I come live with you? I don't need a bedroom, the bathroom will more than suffice! I can sleep in the tub You've managed to make me want to hang up my bathroom project (my body thanks you!). All of the sudden I'm feeling very inadaquate Seriously, it's one of the most beautiful and astonishing bathrooms I've ever seen :)

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I love it - just beautiful - you did a great job! The size is amazing - something I dream about in my small bathroom.

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Wow, it is beautiful! I was wondering how deep the pier cabinets are on the sides of the mirrors. I love that look and was hoping to have a single in the middle of my vanity, but am having problems on sizing.

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Thank you so much for the accolades! I'm blushing!
Sleeping arrangements can be arranged!

mmks, I just went and measured and the outside depth is 12" exactly plus the door. The interior dimension is 11 1/2" and they do have a solid backing. I did put a plug receptacle inside of each one as well as in the back of my drawer stacks. The contractor is supposed to be back to drill a hole for a short extension cord which will make it easier to plug the hair dryer into.

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Thanks for the info! That was the depth they were telling me, but it seemed a little deep when I would just hold the tape measure. It give more peace of mind to be able to see it.

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Awesome job! Break out the champagne!

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