Basement windows

Jleigh0036September 30, 2013

I wanted to know if it is a good idea to put plastic on outside of windows and shrink wrap inside of windows for the winter?
The reason I wanted to cover outside of windows is they are below ground with a window well around them. The windows are sliding ones and when the snow, which we get a lot of, builds up in the window well water leaks inside by way of the tracks. Ordinarily way the windows work is when rain settles in track between screen and window there are drain holes in track to drain water. But if snow lays against it it can't drain. As it melts it seeps in through bottom window tracks.
I am renting the house and landlord does not want to install window well covers.
I have caulked the outside and inside around the windows to help.
I thought by covering outside of window in plastic it will keep snow off the window tracks.
The reason I wanted to cover inside of windows with shrink wrap is for insulation purposes since the basement is so cold in winter. thought may help some. My concern is with wrapping inside and outside of windows will it cause condensation to build up inside windows between the the two layers of plastic?
Or would just be best to cover only the inside of windows?
I just repaired all the water damage around the inside of the windows.
In past had to keep towels on inside widow sills to soak up water coming in.
Anyway my questions sre will condensation build if put plastic on outside and inside? If so which would be better put plastic on outside or inside if can only do plastic on one side?

Thanks for any advise.

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Outside only. The shrink wrap is good only for sealing cracks.

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