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edblueSeptember 30, 2012

I have four cats that have a bathroom in the basement. The house i rent is a side by side. Concrete wall and wood door separate the basement. My previous neighbor had two cats and when the new neighbor moved in they noticed a urine smell in their kitchen and contacted me. As a good neighbor I have used vinegar, bleach, peroxide and KILTz with the neighbors still complaining of a smell when it is hot/humid out or turn their heat on. On my side I have never smelled urine unless it happens. I smell the litter more then anything.

but considering the concrete wall is three inches thick I was wondering if both side would need to be treated?

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I think you would be right. I wonder if they have taken any action on their side or if you were simply convenient to blame. I hardly believe the odor is actually coming from your home.

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I was just reading in another thread about this smell but it was associated with insulation. I used to have the same smell coming from the lowest part of a cathedral ceiling. The attic had insulation that would get wet from a roof leak right about that part of the ceiling and it would smell like urine whenever it rained. Could something similar be happening to your neighbors?

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Try 'nature's miracle'

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