Crawlspace vapor barrier attachment

refinishedSeptember 11, 2006

I'm about to start a rehab of the disheveled vapor retarder in my crawlspace. I need the benefit of your experiences, please.

Outside of a wood strip and masonry nails or stapling to the lowest exposed wood, what is best way to attach the barrier to the walls and pilings? Would construction adhesive work?

What is the best way to seal the overlap of sheets? I don't know of tape that would hold up well under the dirty, potentially stressful conditions for very long. I want a service life measured in decades, if I can get it. More construction adhesive?


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If you want to go all out and seal your crawlspace for decades see the article in the link. You will probably have to hire someone that can get the materials used in the article.

Here is a link that might be useful: crawlspace article

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