We Need More New Baths Added!!!!!!

hollybollyFebruary 23, 2005

This forum definately needs new bath posted. Obviously from the discussions there are many out there so come on!

As part of an in-law addition/whole house remodel we added added or updated 4 full baths and one powderoom. The toilets, sinks, tubs and fixtures were all on-line purchases from various sources. The tile is all from either Expo or Home Depot except for a few accent tiles.

So everyone ... share your projects!

Here is a link that might be useful: My completed bathrooms

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Cool job with the tile. Very thoughtful.

Love the shower "window".

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What are the dimensions of your shower? It is lovely, and a window for plants was exactly what I was hoping to incorporate into my new redo.

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The shower is 43 X 58. The opening is 20" wide and the shower is recessed 3" down. The "window" is 21 x 23. It was originally meant to be glassed in but then I decided what's the point if it always fogged up and it's just one more thing to clean. Anyway, the orchids and I love it. I like my showers steamy and I have no complaints.

Good luck

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That's a great master bathroom Holly! I love the tiles, the listellos and the mosaics as well as the larger ones. Great size tub - would have loved a walk in shower in ours but alas, not enough room. Your room is huge! Big enough for a seating area - whoa! Nice job ~

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Thanks Colo-Lady! Actually the room is not that huge 14 x 20 but we squeezed alot in. The all of the tiles (except the 2 x 2 glass tiles around the mirror) are natural slate. In order to save money, I didn't but listells; just 12 x 12 sheets of mosais and then cut them. tgis way I was able to get 3 feet of "listello" for less than the price of one. The tub is great even though I chose it because it has the LEAST water capacity since we have a septic system so waste volume is always a concern. I love the walk-in shower, it can accomodate two (or even three kids) and is great for washing the dog (sit on seat and use handheld)

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Here is my powder room before and after; thin mirror above sink was used in order to minimize awful view of toilet reflected in it....

right outside the powder room is a full size mirror if anyone wishes to see more of themselves, lol....

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Here's our guest bathroom setup; all stone. The vanity was built in plywood and then the stone was applied by the mosaique person who works for my designer... The mirror frame is stone also. Most of it is nocce tumble.

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