Finishing Basement Stair Recommendations Needed

gle2011September 19, 2012

I live in a 1 year old home in Massachusetts and would like to finish and protect the basement stairs.

The basement is dry and I do run a dehumidifier to control the humidity level at 45%.

The stair treads are clear pine the risers are a painted white (primed wood) and the stringers are also a construction grade 2"x10" pine.

I plan on doing a light sanding to remove any surface dirt on the treads.

My questions is should I paint; stain or carpet the stairs?

I want to be sure the stairs are a low maintenance item.

There is a second refrigerator and storage shelving in the basement, so there is light traffic use on the stairs.


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You don't mention any future plans for the basement. Do you have expectations to finish it or leave as a utility space?

We finished ours after several years of living in the house. Original steps were painted wood and were fairly noisy when walking upon them. So, in conjunction with finishing the basement we did the following:

Relocated the door in the hallway to the stairway landing in order to relieve congestion of a door opening into the main hall.
Painted the walls with a quality washable paint.
Painted the stringers.
Upgraded the bannister.
Added better lighting.
Carpeted the steps and risers.

Now with an open stairway the basement is inviting and traversing up and down is quiet. Better foot traction too.

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If you don't mind me asking what type of carpert and pad did you use on your stairs?

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We selected a very dense plush atop a commercial-grade padding. It's been several years so I don't recall the particulars. Carpeting is not trackless, but nearly so. Ours receives quite a bit of use but still looks new.

With only the one flight of stairs, the cost difference between basic and top quality carpeting is nominal - installation same for either. Again, your decision should be based upon your use. Hope this helps.

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