Want finish crawlspace

talthoffSeptember 29, 2011

My house was built in 1965 in Ohio. I am wanting to finish and use my crawlspace for storage. I'm also trying to solve a cold wood floor issue in the room above the crawlspace. This room has 2 exposed walls a garage on another and has the roof above and crawlspace below.

The crawlspace is 21' x 11' located behind my garage. I plan on removing the gravel and installing a new vapor barrier, then run 2x4 floor joists and plywood floor. I also plan on insulating the walls and floor.


1-should I use a 10 mil plasic sheeting as the vapor barrier or should i use something like tyvek?

2-I was planning on using r-19 on the new floor and rigid insulation on walls. Is this correct?

3-do I need insulation in the joist above to solve the cold wood floors?

Additional info...

our basement is not finished but has carpet and a gas ventless heater that we heat the basement with.

I have large overhangs 18" deep all around house a mild slop away from the house outside and my sump pump never runs (1 per month). we have had no water issues which is really good with the amount of rain we have had and listening to the neighbor's sump pump running all the time.

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For the vapour barrier, 20 mil white barrier would be a better choice.

Foam board insulation (EPS, XPS) can go on the floor and walls in accordance with US Dept. of Energy recommendations for your climate. But no insulation should be installed on the crawl space ceiling. Air supply to the crawl space depends on the details of construction and any radon mitigation system that may be used.

I would not build wood floors unless you were to pour a new concrete floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Conditioned Crawl Space Construction

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