antique rostfrei silverware

janzmaApril 27, 2009

we found a bunch of silverware wanting to learn something about it the name on the silverware reads "gebr grah, solingen odysseuswerk a.g." rostfrei some of them say alpaka #40 any help in finding out how old and what they might be worth would be helpful, thanks

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Rostfrei (Rust Free) translates to "Stainless" when it's stamped on cutlery & silverware. Alpaka is a white metal - not a silver composite as it sometimes implies, but it can be used as a base metal for plating; #40 may or may not be reference to the grade (thickness) of the plating. Solingen is in Germany but I'm not familiar with the maker. As to the age, it's hard to say because stainless has been used on table knives since the 1920's but perhaps you can google "Gebr Grah" or "Odysseuswerk" & find a date range. Unless it's an extremely rare design, alpaca isn't worth much. HTH

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gebr = "gebruder" translates to brothers. So I read it as Grah Brothers.

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I received 6 placesettings of sterling silver for a wedding gift in 1962. I wish to buy more but I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web. The knife blades have a stamp of Rostfrei Solingen and the silverware pieces have a mark: M120 and on the left side, a bird with a crown perched on an A (or the A could be bird legs!) Any anyone help me with this?

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Pictures would make an ID much more likely.
Linda C

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Odysseuswerk,,translates to the "Odysseus works".

In the steel industry a mill is called a works...thus Odysseus works" would be the mill where the product was made.

In this case it was made in the Odyseus works of Solengen steel.

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