Picture of Pedastal Plumbing issue

dxk10February 28, 2007

Help! Sink used to be centered over the vanity - now its not. No idea how they should move - they are saying its not possible unless they use flex pipe and they will not warranty, but i am 100% certain that's not where it used to be!

Image link:

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Although my pedestal is centered, the plumbing still bugs me to see it. What happened to the beauty rings which are normally placed around the pipe on wall? And is there another water line on the other side? Hot/Cold?

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We DIY'ed our pedestal sink (by "we" I mean my hubby). He came up with a clever way of "hiding" the plumbing as I did not want to be staring at it everytime I sat on the commode! He stacked the hot and cold (this would have to be done pre-sheetrock) and I've literally forgotten that pipes are involved in a pedestal sink! You can still see it from the side view, but it's much nicer this way IMO. As far as moving the sink or using flex pipe, we have the flex pipe (if what I'm thinking of is what you are referring to) and it works fine - it shouldn't be difficult to move a pedestal sink - or any sink - over an inch or two so long as you are able to position the plumbing okay. I can upload a pic if you need to see ours.

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