Found in Gma's attic-ID please

Katrinka_FidoApril 5, 2011

Hello good folks!

OK, it is a lamp but strange or what? The base & neck are painted wood & chipping but the top is as HEAVY as my bowling ball.(could be wood under??something) Sorry I didn't clean it up since not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.Maybe it will go to my attic. Has anyone seen anything like it? What kind of shade would it have had? Thanks again, Katrinka

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Fori is not pleased

Was Grandma into Tetris?

That lamp is weird. I want it. Whatever shade you get, it'll have to be strange. Don't put it in your attic. It's too...special? Bet it's hard to dust.

Thank you for sharing! Too cool!! :)

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It's tramp art that someone has painted.
Any sign that the top section is a box that has been put around something to make a lamp?
If the base is wood and the top so heavy, what keeps it from falling over?
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: tramp art

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It may have had a shade of popsicle sticks at one time.

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Ohhh it makes me so sad to see tramp art painted and cut into! Save it! Even as is it's special...if it's not your cup of tea special, it is worth putting on ebay.

I'd do something kind of funky on top...big barrell shade in a roughly textured non patterned cloth like a dupioni or an italian "burlap" silk.

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