What kind of sump pump for outside pit?

journeySeptember 12, 2006

I would appreciate any advice pertaining to what kind of sump pump to install in an outside pit of a 11 year old 1600 square foot residential home located in Ohio. The pit is located approximately 8 feet deep in the ground. I also have an inside pit with a pedestal sump pump but would like one on the outside to catch the water before it comes into the basement pit. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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A submersible pump with a vertical sliding switch, not the flop around float type or the trapped air micro switch.
The flop around jobs can easily hang up, and any debris can clog the tiny (1/8 inch) hole used for the membrane micro-switch type.
Be sure to keep a lid on the pit. At 8 feet it should be deep enough to avoid freezing if covered.
A union that you can reach from the top allows you to disconnect the drain line and use the pipe to lift the pump out if needed.
Watch out for trapping water above a check valve and having it freeze.

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Very good point about the float type switch. A neighbor of mine got water in his basement because his float got hung-up on some trash in the pit, causing his pump not to activate. This was a new construction, so I imagine some trash had accumulated in the pit from the building process.
Anyway, be sure to check your pit occassionally for any trash or debris.

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