SOS Help with a better Master Bath Layout

starry-eyedFebruary 14, 2010

Thank you in advance for your advice. I've read over a 100 postings and this group gives great thoughtful suggestions.

The two photos posted are the current design. (we will be attempting to post photos in a few minutes.)

Issue #1: This bathroom is desperately in need of upgrades in products/colors, etc. We thought we could improve upon the layout while making tile/counter top, etc improvements. Do you see a better layout opportunity?

Issue #2: Do you see additional design/feature opportunities? (ex. wall-cut-ins, cool fixtures which bring in a master bath feeling??)

Issue #3: The age old question---This is our master bath. Do we have to have the jaccuzi tub? We may be moving in a year. We currently live in MN. There is no way we could keep the current icky tile,color/counters. Yes, we do have a shower/tub in the guest bathroom.

Issue #4: Sure, it would be nice to not have to do major plumbing moves but if you can improve upon the design and it only adds reasonable (??$1000??) of a professional plumber's time--it wouldn't make me panic. I think we've become concerned with moving anything because people comment on the difficulty/cost so often.


1) Note one of the sinks is positioned right in front of a window. Old/current bathroom had counter to ceiling mirrors so you could kind of watch yourself shave and brush teeth.

2) Outdated shower--bit like a cave--although there is a light in there. Think of yourself showering in a cube.

3) We have considered keeping jacuzzi and just changing tile on deck and fixtures because it still works and in good condition. It is off-white/cream. The problem with the older jacuzzi is we're having trouble finding replacements for brass colored fixtures. Source suggestions?

Good News: One of the postings from StacyNeil gave me one idea. We could change two of walls of shower into glass.

Thanks. Please ask any questions.

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If it's possible to do so, you could get rid of the sink that is to the right of the doorway (on the curve), move the doorway to the right and make the shower area larger by expanding it to the area where the doorway is now......OR.......move the doorway to the right still, make a shower where the garden tub is now, and put a 2nd vanity in the old shower space expanding it to the area where the doorway is now.

If you're moving in a year, you might want to keep the garden tub because then you won't be excluding any buyers and you'll still be getting a larger shower. Whichever gives you the most bang for your buck.

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