insulate bilko door area?

andrelaplume2September 20, 2007

we have an unfinished walk out basement. The walk out door is a simple steel door. You go up the steps and out the bilko doors. The basement gets chilly in the winter, as low as 55 degrees and I am looking for ways to warm it up a bit. I already have insulation in the ceiling. Over time I will add a dropped ceiling and paint the walls---was told DryLok will keep some moisture out even though we have no visible water seepage. A carpet will be added too.

Fr now I am going around seeling any gaps to the out side world. I replaced the threeshold on the out side door. I was wonder in I should perhaps glue 2" of pink board insulation to the back of the walk out door. Or lay some pink board insulation on top the concrete that makes up the sides of the steps that lead out. We seldom use the walk out.


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Is your steel door insulated? I understand your ideas, but do not think they would make much difference. Making sure you have the door insulated and that it does not leak more important.

I have the same set up...when I bought the had an old wood door with half glass going out to steps. I replaced it with a good quality insulated steel door and it made a great difference.

Sounds like your basement walls are not framed and insulated. Concrete walls have litte R-value and thus create a good amount of cold. Addressing this would be better use of time and money.

Hope this help.

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yea, well for now the most I could afford is to drylok the walls which I am told might make the room a little warmer...not sure I understand how. The steel door is 20 years old, sounds hollow to me but I am not sure. I think I have stopped the drafts from coming in around the sides and floor. I just wondered if adding a 2" (R7) pannel to the back of the door or overtop the stairs would make much difference.

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Put a door (or even a pair) at the bottom of the steps and opening into the basement.

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Insulation glued on the door won't make much difference. Besides, it is against Fire Codes. When ignited, that insulation gives off terrible toxic fumes.

Drylok doesn't add R Value. When you have the funds, adhere foam type insulation to the walls and between the joists at the top of the walls, cover with drywall and then you'll feel a real difference.

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