basement smell how to control it?

gardenquestSeptember 13, 2007

we have a 160 year old home with a combo basement that is half dirt and half brick. ( dirt floor walls are fieldstone, and the brick floor rooms are brick also)

we have a stronger odor....i know it's august and the mostiure content in the air is high, it is coming up threw the cold air returns and heat registers. I have used damprid before, that helps but is there anything else to do?

We do not use this basement for any storgae, etc. The only time someone goes down there is if something wrong with lights/furnace/etc - so only 1 or 2 times a year.

I have been keeping the outside door open a little for some fresh air to flow in, but is there any thing else i can do?

it is a dirty musty smell, and a hint of Mold ( no mold, unless it's hiding, we have looked a few times)

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My suggestions would be use a dehumidifier to remove moisture and then utilize a fan for air movement. Those are the two biggest culprits. A quick fix, temporary solution to get rid of the odor would be to fill a bowl with vinegar and put it in the basement, but that doesn't eliminate the problem and you'd have to replace it every few days to continue fighting the odor.

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