Subdividing already finished basement?

acdesignskySeptember 22, 2010

We live in a 2 yo home that already has a nicely finished basement with a full bath, closet, and 18x12 storage area. The finished space is about 18x45. We'd like divide that space into a bedroom and family room. The bedroom would be about 18x15 with a reach-in closet. We'd need to put an egress window in that space as well. We're not making any other changes, just adding a three walls and two doors and whatever electrical is required for code as far as outlets. I know the biggest expense will be the egress window.

Is my estimate of about $6000 reasonable? We don't want to do any work ourselves other than painting and want to reuse the carpet.

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Wage rates vary enormously by region.

Still, for a professional inspected job, I'd say you're coming up short.

It's easy enough to get some free estimates and be sure.

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Thanks so much for responding-
I'm trying to line up a contractor get an estimate, but I hate to even begin the process if we've budgeted too little. I don't want to waste their time if we need to wait until Spring to do the project. The egress is priority #1 and will be done by a different contractor than the interior work which can wait a few months if necessary. I'm thinking 2-3K for the egress window using one of the Scapewell type products.
As far as costs, we're in a suburb of a medium sized city in the South.

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