Help identifying old chair

redbyyrdApril 3, 2008

I found this chair in a deceaseds garage a few years back in northern Michigan. My wife would like to throw it out. Does anyone know how I can identify this chair.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Not sure what you mean by identify it. It's old....not sure how old, can't see it that well. Looks like a leather seat and lots of dirt Captain's chair style. Looks like there is some painting on the back.
I don't think you should throw it out, I think is could be very nice, but I can't identify it as to era maker or much else.
Linda C

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A side view showing the profile of the arms might be helpful.

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Your chair looks about 1900 to maybe 1910--I'd say right about in the middle, in a style that was often labeled Empire Revival, even though the claw feet & gussied-up vase-shaped splat bear about as much resemblace to authentic Empire pieces as do today's 'Tuscan' kitchens to any actual kitchens in Tuscany. But, hey it's a free country, and people can call stuff anything they want.

The wood is probably red-stained mahogany or maybe birch pretending it's mahogany and the little painted ornaments--or maybe they're decals--look like they're supposed to be an allusion to the gilt bronze mounts that the real thing would have had, although not in those locations, since they would have snagged the clothing or hair of whover sat in this chair.

As far as maker goes, I have no idea. Empire Revival was a popular style a hundred years ago, so a lot of companies were making similar stuff and in the last few years, it's been reproduced by Milling Road and, if I'm not mistaken, Ralph Lauren. At any rate, it's not just old, it's now an official antique.

At any rate, here's a photo of a room with just such a chair, and although you can't see much, you can see it's the same basic idea. M.

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