Need Help Designing Master Bath Layout

tlf21January 17, 2010

We are in need of help designing the layout of our master bathroom in our new home. I have attached a copy of the layout our designer provided, for the sake of time we accepted the layout knowing that we would change it prior to construction of the home. I appreciate any comments:

Image link:

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I'm wondering why you have the double doors to the left of the hallway-- there's an access to the master bath from outside the master bedroom? So will this be a shared bathroom? If not, you could gain a lot more space by eliminated that hallway access.

As for the bathroom itself, a couple things immediately jump out. It's a large bathroom, but things look a little "cramped up" -- probably because the shower's so large and seems to take up disproportional space. The vanity area doesn't look near large enough for two sinks. Maybe you could separate the sinks and have two vanity areas. Finally, I would want something directly in the sight line of the long hallway as you enter, eg, center the tub so that's your view as you enter the bathroom.

Good luck.. your closets alone will be to die for! :)

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