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Carrie BJanuary 20, 2014

I'm in the beginning planning stages of a complete gut/kitchen remodel. I've hired a designer/architect but don't yet have any of her layout proposals. I have a small city rowhome & my kitchen is fairly small as well.

When we met, I told the designer that I don't cook much - but do use the microwave to heat up frozen meals. I heat water for tea & sometimes cook eggs on the range's gas stovetop, but rarely use the oven.

She suggested that instead of my current 30" gas range & microwave, I might want to just get a gas cooktop and a wall/over range convection microwave. I'm wondering if convection microwaves work just as well as traditional microwaves for heating frozen meals, microwave popcorn & re-heating leftovers.

For someone who is not much of a cook, does this sound like a reasonable option? I'm not planning to sell my house for many years to come, so re-sale value is not that important.

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I wouldn't give up an actual oven for a convection microwave. I'd get one in addition to, but not as a replacement. Most cooktops are the same price as a full range so it isn't really saving money unless you really want the lower cabinet space.

to answer your question, yes, they should work just like traditional microwaves for reheating and such

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Carrie B

Thanks, Zivman. I really rarely use my conventional oven - and since convection microwave ovens are quite a bit more expensive than a regular microwave, I would not get a convection microwave AND a regular oven - that would be too expensive, and take up too much space for me, who doesn't cook much. I could use the extra cabinet space.

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a regular range setup is about the same money as a cooktop in my recent shopping experience, so to pay a premium for a convection microwave + a cooktop isn't really saving you money. It all depends on what specifically you are buying

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Carrie B

Right, but I'd still have to buy an additional microwave - and the two together would take up more space.

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You didn't ask, but check the cfm rating on any over-range microwave exhaust fan. Some of them have much less suction (if that's the right term) than a straight oven hood.

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Carrie B

Thanks, fogbound. Remember, I don't really cook.

The truth is, I've never even had a fan or a hood of any kind - I've lived in my house for 15 years with nothing above my stove. It's never been a problem for me.

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Think about resale in the future, if you don't put in an oven now it might make it harder to sell in the future without it.

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Carrie B

Thanks, philwojo. As I state in my original post - I'm not concerned about resale. The question is about my own use - not anyone else's.

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