Advice needed on master bath design

SDgalJanuary 4, 2011

I have been reading these forums for months now (we are going through an extensive remodel) and am finally submitting a question myself! What a difference reading through these has made. However, I can't find anything about the issue we are trying to resolve so here goes. We are remodeling our master bath and are having a hard time deciding on the "design." Right now (as you will see in the picture below) the double vanity is flanked on both sides with a pony wall - both our GC and designer are recommending this. We are trying to go with a more contemporary, zen, spa-like look in the bathroom but both my husband and I are having a hard time saying yes to this pony wall look.

Any thoughts or advice you have on these two pony walls would be great to hear. To give you some background we decided to separate the tub and shower to opposite sides of the room so we could keep separate his/hers walk-in closets. We have gone through a few renditions. Originally, there was going to be a full wall between the vanity/shower with no pony wall next to the tub, then it was changed to a pony wall next to the shower with no pony wall on the tub side, and then recently it was changed to two pony walls. What do you think? Should we keep the pony walls, remove them both, or just remove one?

Another question - do you think having one mirror across the entire vanity (which is 8 feet by the way) will look okay or should we do 2 mirrors? Originally we were planning to do two separate mirrors but our entrance to our room is off centered a bit and we thought having the two mirrors might draw attention to that more than one large mirror.

Here is the picture (we haven't picked colors, this is just a placeholder). Also, I should mention that the cabinets under the sink aren't proportional right now but they will indeed be the same size.


Image link:

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If you haven't already, you might want to repost this on the discussion side of this've posted here to the gallery side, which doesn't get many responses because it is where people post their photos of completed projects.

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