What to do with the floor drain and cleanout?

green_n_ohioSeptember 18, 2006

When finishing a basement, what should be done with the floor drain and floor-based sewer cleanout? It just doesn't seem right to put flooring over them; but neither does it seem right to leave them exposed.

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Aren't they typcially near the wall? Most box them in and put an access panel for future use.

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My floor drain isn't near the wall (I have usually seen them towards the center of the room...), and boxing it in would keep it from draining in the case of water in the basement.

We have ceramic tile in the basement. We tiled around the floor drain, leaving it available to do what it is intended to do. We DO, however, have a cotton throw rug over it. That way it is not seen, and the draining can start if necessary (albeit it would be hindered until we removed the rug).

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Mine is in the mechanical room, which is unfinished. I think you would want to keep the sewer accessible for the water heater (and other major applicances) to drain to if necessary.

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You definitely want to keep them accessible. You can get a flat plug for the cleanout and a chrome or brass cover for the floor drain to dress things up a bit. Run your flooring around them. I suppose you could do something like faux painting to help disguise them a bit.

Unfortunately this kind of stuff is one of the banes of finishing basements. It only gets so good.


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Both the floor drain and the cleanout are code requirements, whereas finishing the basement is not...guess which one has precedence?

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