What range to get?

dzaneJanuary 12, 2014

I have gone back and forth on ranges for so long, that each time I make a decision, a new one come out and mucks up the works. My plan is a 48inch open burner range with a grill and a separate steam oven (either Miele or Wolf).

Capital - I was all set to go with the Culinarian. I have 2 cautions. One is that since all burners are the same size, At first I though this gave flexibility but now I'm not so sure. How is cooking on less than full heat on the burners? Is there a full range from low thru mediums to high? (is this a dumb question?) Wok cooking and searing aside, most recipes call for medium heat.
Second, I mind that the second oven has no convection and no self clean. This really limits the oven which I expect to use a lot.
Also, Connoisseruian anyone? What is the story on these. It solves the oven issue, but does it make for other issues?

Bluestar - I'm very tempted but I really mind the issue with the heat of the oven door. This is a deal breaker for me. However, what about the Platinum series? Does this solve any issues? Also, what about the grill set up on the Platinum series? Is this a plus or a minus in terms of grilling.

Thermadore - Not a brand I was interested in but their dual fuel range with the built in steam oven is intriguing. Does anyone know how it compares to the dedicated steam ovens? It seems to offer a bit of everything, though I'm only interested if the "everything" is not a compromised version of 'everything" or just enough to pull it off? Also, how are their burners?

Long post, I know, but there is little out there about the Connoiseurian, the THermador and the Platinum BS.

Thank you in advance.

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The new Culinarian and Connoisseruian have small pot burners that can go down to 500 btu. That is low enough to simmer anything in small amounts. Some burners have lower ratings but that is really a keep warm or hot plate feature.

Some folks need to have the burners adjusted to get more linear adjustment from low to high. But properly adjusted there is very good control from low to medium to high.

For Steam Oven I would look at Gaggenau.

$3k with free shipping below.

Can be used as regular oven or convection oven with self-clean or steam oven. Gaggenau is the only steam oven that can be used as a regular oven with self clean.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Do you know anything about the Thermador or American ranges? I need 24" width for the steam oven. Between the Miele or Wolf do you have any knowledge.

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I love our Wolf CS024 steam oven, have had it a year and we are so glad we splurged on it.

I can't compare it to the Miele as I don't have that unit, but from looking at them in the store the Wolf had a much larger interior cooking space compared to the Miele. But I am not sure if that still applies or not if there is a new model compared to when we were looking a bit over a year ago now.


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"Posted by deeageaux
The new Culinarian and Connoisseruian have small pot burners that can go down to 500 btu.

Can you give the source for this number? Also has capital released the btu rating on the low end for their regular burner?

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I am about to return my second Culinarian and request a full refund. I will not purchase another.

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Your message about problems with Capital are making me Verkempt (sp.). Is there a reliable brand out there. I live in the general vicinity of Blue Star. Will that help reliability? How about American range with the open burners? Are these reliable? Does any Culinarian owner want to speak up about their range? Are Heidi's problems in the minority or are these problems widespread. Help.

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All brands will have problem, there is no way around that. You are generally hard pressed to find positive reviews in "bulk" as most people don't post when things are going well. People only tend to speak up when there are issues. Now I am talking in general here, and there are lots of good reviews on many brands on this forum and others, but I think you will get my drift.

I don't think you can go wrong with Capital, BS or AR, they are all good and will all be well supported. Again, not everyone is 100% satisfied with anything about a brand though.

Heidi didn't talk about her specific problems, though there may be another post. Posting like Heidi did, in my opinion, is of now help as it does not details the problems. That is not to say Heidi didn't have issues and that her comment is not warranted, but it doesn't give enough information for you to make a decision with what was posted.

Do you have the room in your kitchen to do a range top and then a wall oven? If so you could do a BS range top and avoid any concerns with the oven door temps and get a wall oven that doesn't have that issue. I personally have a 36" BS range top, which we love, and a 30" Wolf wall oven (L-Series) and there are absolutely no heat issues on the Wolf oven door at any temps, I have confirmed that with my own skin.

Best of luck,

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I inquired recently about the Thermadore you're thinking of. the salesman (who also sells Miele and Wolf) said don't bother, it's not good quailty, especially the steam oven compared to the others. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Thank you, saeyedoc. That was the concern I expressed in my original post.
philwojo99, I'm definitely going with a range. No room for the separate wall ovens. I also like the look of a range. Also, my problem with wall ovens is that I am short and tend to burn my forearms reaching inside. Also, I find it easier to lift heavier pots from lower than from higher up.
I have seen Heidi's comments before (see the link to the discussion below). That thread has a pretty extensive description. Again, exception or the rule? The thread as a whole was discouraging though the problems seemed to occur mostly with the ovens and not the cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Capital Culinarian repair service - Is this typical??

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I am in the same situation. I have a 48" culinarian on order but now I am having second thoughts. The american range performer that is now in 48" looks to be an nice alternative.

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OK--you want details? I am the originator of the thread 'Culinarian--Capital Disappointment.' My replacement Culinarian's issues:
1. The convection cooks more unevenly than regular baking (using traditional cookie sheets).
2. The oven racks are dangerous--mine get jammed due to the oven being narrower at the front than the back. I had to kick a rack to get it to slide back into the oven and scortched an oven mitt trying to maneuvre it.
3. My oven cooling fan has quit. I have only been using this range for 3 months.
4. The broiler is incredibly uneven--burning in the middle and not even approaching browning on the outside. Once again, using a traditional cookie sheet for size.
5. The griddle cooks more evenly than my first range, but the temperature drops too much before it comes on again. So, to cook pancakes in a reasonable amount of time one has to keep bumping up the heat.
6. My burner grates are a bit too low so that if I use a 14" saute pan next to the griddle, it has to tip when it extends over the griddle area.
7. Some of my burner grates are not level so that my pans rock when I am cooking and stirring.
8. My burners are losing their black coloring.
9. Our range was delivered on a semi--not a problem for us since we own our own forklift--how many of you do? But, still shows lack of service.

  1. I still have the original Culinarian sitting here in spite of having it boxed and ready for return since October.

I was told these were "non issues" by Trevor. This coupled with the fact that there is NO SERVICE for central Indiana has left me with a very bad opinion of the company.

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I've had an American Range 36" for over 7 years. I would say that if I was interested in Kitchenaid level of appliances it would be below Kitchenaid in quality. The brand is not in the same league as Capital or BS in my opinion. I have posted a detailed account of my problems here in another thread and disdain doing so again because of the lack of tolerance in responses from some in the GW community.

As soon as I cannot tolerate the degree of problems with my current range I will buy a Capital. I strongly suggest if you do decide on Capital that you spend some time looking at Eurostove's website as well as look at Trevor's posts on this community's many discussions. Also pay attention to the warranty of the Capital machines offered by Eurostoves.

I am not associated with Eurostoves and live very close (20 miles) to the Capital factory. I have no motivation except to add my 2 cents to the discussion.

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