George McLagan Furniture Co.

kim2222April 10, 2011

I have found a mirror with a tag on the back. From George McLagan Furniture Co. Stratford. Handwritten is To Vooght Bros. North Sydney CB. The mirror itself is in good shape with a couple of marks on it...wood is in good shape...has hooks on it. Does anyone have any information on this mirror? I live in Cape Breton and in searching the web there is not much information on mirrors made by this company. As far as I can tell, the Vooght Bros. furniture store closed in the 1930's????

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Did you google this? Seems to be a lot of info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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I did google it...tried to find some pics of mirrors but there was nothing. I did however get more information on Vooght Brothers Furniture. It is in excellent condition...I am going to hang it at the end of my hall. Gorgeous piece that was found on the side of the road....

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I have a small china cabinet that was my grand mothers and I am refinishing it. It was painted white many years ago. It had a small plack on the back and when I cleaned the paint of it said,Cabinet by Mclagan. Do you have any info on these ? It looks like it may be mahogany but I just started and am not 100% sure yet.

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I just bought a Mclagan dinning table and got it for $37 at the Salvation Army I am now refinishing it and was wondering if anybody knew where to ge wooden casters. And also wat it a good buy?

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Lord665, has wooden caster for furniture.

If it's in good shape aside from the finish, it's probably a great buy! What wood and style is it?

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