Anyone have experience with staining concrete?

dspenSeptember 20, 2012


We are considering finishing our basement. It is a fairly new home. I like the looks of the stained concrete, however, my issue is how the finished product may look. There are several hairline cracks in the floor which would be patched before finishing. There is no issue of moisture, but I am concerned that the stain will look different on the original poured cement than it will on the cracks that will be patched.

If I understand correctly, there are several types of stain and would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with these products.

Does anyone have opinions on this?

Thanks so much


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I've no experience with floor staining, but we use our basement ALOT and went with and epoxy floor which was troweled onto the concrete. It looks great and has wonderful durability. This may be another alternative for you to think about.

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Thanks for your response vineyardflute.

We ued a similar product for our garage, but didnt have good luck with it. It peeled. But maybe a basement would not get the kind of abuse a garage does. We stuck with the proper preparation, but it still peeled. The product we used was rolled onto the cement, so maybe your product is different. I will look into it.



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