basement odor near sump hole

davetsSeptember 24, 2008

I live in a walkout, split level home on a slab with a sump hole under the steps leading to the lower level. The hole has been dry since I moved in 4 years ago and it has 2 lines coming into it. There is no pump or even electrical in that location so there was never a pump there. Last week we started getting a strong musty smell from under the steps. The pump hole and lines are dry and floor and walls are dry with no cracks. I look in one of the lines coming into the sump hole and about 5 feet out I see its packed with sandy soil. I run an auger through it and get out 2 feet of soil but I'm getting large chunks of concrete out also and now can't go anymore. The smell is still there even when I seal the sump hole with plastic and duct tape. It doesn't stink anywhere else in the basement except when you open the door under the steps. I don't remember the sand being in the pipe when I bought it as I looked before purchasing. Any ideas?

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I am just a DIY homeowner, not a pro...but I have a few thoughts. Since it is dry, what using about some odor absorbent like baking soda or charcoal. Another idea would be spraying a little bleach or bleach/water mix.


" McDonagh"

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Thanks for the reply. I did put 2 "Odor-Blitz" containers in the area under the steps but it didn't do much. I put a humidity gauge in the sump area and one out in the living area of the basement. The one in the sump area reads 70% while the other reads 60%. I have since put a fan and a dehumidifier under the steps and it lowers the humidity to 60% but the smell is still present. On the exterior side of the block walls surrounding the under stairs area where the smell is I have landscaping and mulch. I have since dug up the dirt along the wall and it seems to have the same odor. I think I'll try cleaning the block and sealing it with waterproofer to seal it in case the smell is coming from the outside. I still don't know why my drain tile is plugged with dry sand though.

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