Basement leak and mold

mjw82704September 15, 2007

Hello Everyone,

We have a leak in our basement, on and off the carpet is wet. We have not idea where the water is coming from. Roter Rotter found no leaky pipes after the holes were cut in our drywall he said to contact a foundation specials because it seemed to be coming through floor.Is there anything else we can rule out first? Our little house is only 8 years old? I am so sad and confused. Not to mentioned the mold. A professional told us not to take the carpet out our selves so it is just sitting there growing spores and advice would be helpful. We don't want to go broke over this unless we have to:(My husband and I do our best around the house but we would probably need to contact someone to help us check our perimeter and drain pipes etc.... Any suggestions on who we should call?

Thanks for listening.



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Since you've evidently left the carpet sitting wet for longer than a day, it's not salvageable. Remove it at once.

Unless you're in the tiny minority of the population that is extremely susceptible to moulds, you don't need a "pro" to remove mouldy materials. Just be sure to use rubber gloves, an N95 filter or equivalent and goggles. Work carefully to contain the mouldy materials, e.g., double bagging.

Then you're ready to attack the source of the moisture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Combatting Mildew and Mold

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...there may no even be mold under there!

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