should we close up the basement window

jeni03September 4, 2009

We have window wells and one is filling with water and then draining into our basement. We can not change the grade of our property and have cleaned and rerouted gutters, but it is still filling up. We have had two suggestions.... one get rid of the window, two put in a trench drain. Getting rid of the window would be much more cost effective, would it work.

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The water will still be filling up the window well and resting against the wall you're putting in place of the window.

I'd concentrate on reducing the water flow to that area or figuring a way to channel it away from the well.

Here's the way a window well should be built:

Source: National Research Council of Canada

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if we blocked up the window we would get rid of the window well.

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But will you be rid of the water?

Here's a window well I did on a new home. Before the corrugated was installed and filled with gravel about two 1/2 feet down and the drain to the footings unclogged, this is what you got. With the well complete, the water drains away.

BTW, I try and avoid window wells. The above was a project management job and the plans called for six window wells.

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