XPS Taping

kelpdxSeptember 26, 2008

Planning on installing xps on the interior of a basement wall and have read that one lays up the xps and tapes the seams (this applies for floors as well). What kind of tape do you use that will stay adhered and maintain the vapor retardant membrane? Seems to me the tape would have to be pretty good in order to "stick" around for a while.

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I looked for the orange stuff seen on H@H and could not find it at the local Lowes. So I settled on using a 10 year duct tape (it holds the universe together after all!) that is rated for external use and can be high-pressure washed with water.

I figured if it could handle that it was probably ok for maintaining a decent seal. Of course, the seams were also glued.

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Contractor's sheathing tape is what should be used, not duct tape. (Which should never be used on ducts either.) The most popular brand is Tuck, right up front in every HD I've been in.

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