ground level basement window leaks when raining

dustynightSeptember 17, 2006

Does anyone have a solution to this problem: This particular window is level with the cement outside and has a very small cement window well (about an inch deep). When it rains, water leaks throught the window (via the window well) and onto the basement floor.

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They do make a plastic half moon cover for basement windows. Matbe that would help.

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Are they for windows that are below ground level? This particular window is mostly above ground -- about 1 to 2 inches of the window is below ground level.

Rain then seeps down this small window well, onto the window sill and then down the basement wall onto the floor.

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Is the gravel in the well deep enough for catching enough water and for drainage? You might want to check. Dig it out (several feet) and replace with gravel if it isn't in there.

Close any gaps where the cement meets your foundation wall nearby. The water might be getting in adjacent to the well, and then via any gaps between the well and the foundation wall. And block or divert any surface water that's running directly into it during heavy rains.

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Alice Johannen

I second homebound's advice. We had a window that did that in our old house. We dug a nice, deep window well and that solved the problem. Takes some work, but it's worth it.

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