Finishing my basement

liftislifeSeptember 10, 2007

Hello everybody, this is my first post and I've been reading about everything redoing their basements. I am about to start actually getting the materials to finish my basement and I just wish to get to know the prices of certain things. First off I guess it'd help if I told you my intended design-

I have a 1200sq ft unfinished basement. I plan on turning the basement into 3 sections-

1. Gym

-I've always wanted my own home gym (not a small one, but a full out gym) and this is proving hardest of the 3 to calculate for. I want to be about 600 square feet. I'd like to have mirrors all over the walls (I can't find a quote for this?). I will have the floors covered in rubber mats ($950).

2. Poker Room

-Very simple, probably going to be 200 square feet. I'm est. the carpet to be around $200. I would like to have the bottom half the walls to be a nice-looking wood.

3. Sports Room

-I would like the Poker Room and Sports room to be the same room except divided by a little barrier (wall going to about your belly), with a opening to walk through. This room will be about 400 square feet and the walls I just want a nice looking wood. Carpeting again will be about $400 (according to quotes).

I would appreciate help with just simple price quotes based on your experiences. I do not believe I need to water-proof my basement (I believe it already is) but I will check on that. I will not be installing flooring, just laying down the carpet. Only the Sports Room and Poker Room will have drywall, I wish to put the mirrors directly on the wood (maybe on plywood?). How much do you think this will run me? I will be hiring out for electric, plumbing, and installing the carpet. Thank you, looking forward to working with you guys!

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In the range of 9-11K. I don't know what you're plumbing, it didn't make the summary

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Sorry, didn't mean to say plumbing.

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