Water trickling from basement cracks!

tmw1208September 21, 2012

Hi, I have a basement that is about 50% below grade and is dry except for when it rains. The paint on the walls began bubbling and separating from the concrete. I notices water trickling from a corner and under the stairs and after I scraped loose paint and chipped away old loose concrete I saw cracks. It rained again recently and I watched these cracks and saw the water definitely coming from the cracks. I would like to repair where I chipped away the concrete and then paint the whole basement and put an epoxy flooring down. The cracks are about the width of a dime. I would like advice on what products to use on this project as I have never worked with concrete. Also what kind of paint is suitable for basement walls and I would like to put down an epoxy paint- on floor like what is used in garages. I don't know if that is suitable because once a year we get a bad enough storm to flood the basement 1-3 inches of rain water.

The house is 64 years old and is in an urban area and surrounded on 3 sides by concrete. The ground is level with where the green paint ends in the first picture. Can I seal the cracks with an epoxy or expanding foam in a can?

The two cracks:



Condition of the wall:

I don't know what that black stuff is, but I think it's tar from a previous repair. I don't think it's mold.





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You may need to enlarge the cracks somewhat (to allow enough injection space for the polyurethane) but SikaFix should work for that application.

Obviously look outside to see if the water is being diverted away from the foundation wall as much as is feasible (grading, downspouts, etc).

Here is a link that might be useful: SikaFix

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