Need help in identifying scales

Ashleigh123April 5, 2014

Hi all
cleaning out my fathers shed we came accross these scales, I need some help identifying what these scales were used for or worth anything?
Or just throw them?
I can't find anything close on the internet only thing sort of close is jockey weigh in scales

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Antique scales can be worth quite a bit- have a look on eBay. My best guess is that they're for weighing cargo for railway consignment or similar. Is there a brand name on the face?

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What is the wording on the foot-step? Are there wheels on the back 2 corners also?

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I'd bet too,that it's an old railroad scale. Something you might see for weighing trunks and assorted smaller freight.

There should be two back wheels also.

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The wheels appear to be cast iron. This helps to place its date. It appears to be a general puropse scale that could have been used for many things. It could have been used in a bulk animal food store. To be legal, scales have to be certified of meeting specified accuracy standards if used to weigh materials for sale. However, many scales were pressed into service in remote locations that were not certified. What mattered the most was acceptance. by the merchant and customers.

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