need permit for drywall?

cheap-poorAugust 9, 2006

my basement was walled with paneling when i bought it. after 5 years living here, my wife wanted to paint it a different color. i ended up tearing out the paneling & sheet-rocking the walls. no changes to electrics or anything else. am i good to go, or should i have gotten a permit? all i did was remove paneling & screw sheetrock to the same boards the paneling was attached to. thanks, cheap-poor

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Probably not. Generally speaking if you do the work yourself and it doesn't involve anything structural, electric, plumbing, or roofing you don't need a permit. Your best bet is to always check with your local building department before starting a project. It's not like if you call they're going to send someone out to watch your house to make sure you got a permit. Most municipalities don't have that kind of extra manpower. :-)


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Ask the AHJ if you want to know.

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Just to clarify an acronym for the benefit of other readers, AHJ means "authority having jurisdiction". For homeowners that is usually the local building department.


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