Vintage table... found on curbside (pic inside)

dazedandconfusedApril 22, 2010

Hi, this a cross post from the Decorating forum. Someone suggested I post here too.

I found this little gem on a trash heap one day last week. All it needs is a little TLC. I don't know much about it except it is about 29 inches tall, 36 inches wide, it had leaves at some point in history, it has brass capped feet and the slides underneath are marked with "watertown slide" Would anybody what time period it's from? It's too narrow and short to be a dining table, dont you think? Went back today today to see if maybe the leaves were thrown out or maybe some chairs. No such luck.:) Thanks.

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Sorry, I forgot to post the picture in my above post. Here it is:

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Cute! Biedermeier style?

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It looks Beidermeieresque to me. Here is something interesting:

Here is a link that might be useful: Watertown Slide

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It's darling....what a cute breakfast table.
I agree with palimp...

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Biedermeier? It looks more 1930s to me - can you imagine it in a penthouse with a champagne breakfast?

And it's got marvelous lines on the legs.

My dining table is 30" tall and 37" wide, so it's not unusually small.

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I had posted some further discussion of the table where its posted in the decorating thread but thought I would put it over here too.

"All the Biedermeier round tables I have seen either have a central pedestal or legs that join in a shelf, plint or base underneath the table top.

The flush-with-top apron on the sides of this table seems Deco-inspired to me--doesnt matter really because its a great find."

Although what is considered classic Biedermeier is 1830s thoughout the 19th century, to my knowledge, it seems to have influened Art Deco and/or is compatible.

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Yes, I agree with you Palimpest and Lazygardens about it being more 1920's/30's than Biedermeir.

Lazygardens, now that you mention it...yes, I can definitely imagine a champagne breakfast (in a 1930's penthouse) being eaten on it. LOL

The first thing I noticed driving past it( at 30 mph) on the opposite side of the road were the legs. They do have a very striking silhouette.

I think it's a crime to throw out vintage furniture or anything vintage for that matter. They're like works of art to me. They have history and someone most likely had made it with their own two hands. I have been known to carry home large and heavy leaded glass windows, trunks, chairs, mirrors etc. I "ain't proud".I'll pick up your "trash" LOL

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