Samovar - What is this worth?

jordand2April 3, 2010

I posted a bunch of photos

I know its Russian - from 1870 - 1889 But not much else.

The markings are in Russian and I can't read them!

Please cut and paste this link (OR USE LINK BELOW)

for really nice photos.




Here is a link that might be useful: Samovar

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Well....first you will have to find someone who wants to buy it...I don't think there is a big demand!!
I am sure it's "worth" lots more than you can sell it for...
Probably you should insure it for about $1500 or more....but if you want to sell it....I think you will have to wait for a buyer...or settle for $300 to $500.
It's really lovely!
Linda C

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First: ask at for a translation of the Russian.

It's a site where translators get business, and they will offer help in the forums for free. Read the instructions, and don't forget to give feedback and thanks.

For all we know, it's a presentation piece from the Czar and worth bazillions.

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I think the medallions are facsimiles of awards that the maker garnered at exhibitions. The 1889 one (R) would have been Paris. The big coat of arms is of the Russian royal family I would think.
It shouldn't be too hard to get a Russian speaker to translate. If I could type in Cyrillic, I'd google those words, and then use babelfish to translate.

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I can't help with the valuation, but I'll pass along a tip told to me by an antique dealer who specialized in samovars. He said to always closely check the spigot & spout fittings because they were machined to match & often the spigot/shutoff thing has been lost & replaced - the result being it will always leak & have diminished value. Samovars fasinate me but I never see one that I don't remember the advice.

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