Radonseal, Thoroseal, WET (Conseal) for sealing basement concrete

enigma7August 23, 2008

Hello all! I've been a member of the mulch/compost/lawn forums for a while but recently had some bad luck with water in the basement.

We had the perfect storm (I believe they say bad things come in 3's....) We got ~10" of rain over the course of about 5 days, found out both our main gutters were clogged; not in the gutters themselves (I routinely clear them out), but in the downspouts. And the final catastrophe was my basement dehumidifier (1 year old $250 Delohnghi) decided to freeze itself into a block of ice and not really do anything helpful except make a sporadic puddle on the floor.

So basically we didn't catch the problem until we had a massive mold problem (rubbermaid containers trapped the moisture between the concrete floor slab). Since that time we've had to throw out a lot of stuff that was destroyed, moved the rest to a storage facility, and killed the mold. On the outside we fixed the gutters and downspouts, re-mortared the perimeter of the house, and landscaped where we could to prevent the water from pooling against the house.

Now I need to get a product that will seal the basement concrete floor to prevent this from ever happening again. I have done quite a bit of reading but haven't been able to make a decision. The 3 main products I've come across are WET's Conseal, Thoroseal, and Radonseal. I have a very minor (Any help would be greatly appreciative!

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