Crawl space renovation ideas

blacknumber1August 29, 2006

My home has a crawl space under about 3/4 of it, working in there is absolute misery. Would it be possible/practical to try and dig it out into an actual basement? The foundation is entirely made of brick and theres many pier blocks in the crawl space that support the house. I would like to get rid of them and put a large beam with screw jack coloums under the house, but first I would need to dig about 50 yards of sand out by hand, no fun!

Any ideas?

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Around here there are a few contractors that specialize in this type of thing. I think this is definately a big project, in scope and money, and best left to a professional. Just make sure that if you are going to go to that expense, make the new basement walls at least 8' (hopefully 9' or 10') and have it pre-plumbed for a bathroom.

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Thanks! Unfortunetly my existing cellar room only has 7 foot ceilings, going deeper than that in the crawl space may not be real practical, and the existing foundation walls only go down a few feet, so as the crawl space was dug out something solid would have to be put under them to support the house.

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