Smoke from downstairs

everlastbDecember 30, 2012

I moved into a house that was divided into upper and lower units. The lower unit was vacant when I first moved in but last week a married couple moved in below who are heavy smokers. The smoke smells have been invading my unit recently and its making me crazy. The house has one furnace that heats the lower unit but there are ducts running to the upstairs portion. I'm assuming they just blocked them off somehow since there was no way to meter the usage and just installed electric baseboard heaters upstairs. I'm looking for any advice on how to eliminate or minimize the smell as much as possible. I'm really sensitive to smells and masking them with febreeze and other perfumed solutions are just as bad in my opinion. I've looked into air ionizers but it seems the reviews are quite mixed. Help!

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I'd start with the landlord. Ask him/her to try and correct the problem. It's possible that they will just tell you there is nothing they can do, but it is at least worth trying before you spend your time and money and energy on this.

Then, if the landlord won't do anything, look to see if you can find the air ducts and block them off. If they are already blocked, try caulking around the edges, maybe with an expanding caulk. Also, try caulking around your plumbing--you want to seal off any place where air from their unit could be entering your unit.

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Yea, me too. Complaint it to the landlords. They will take care of this.I am sure they will help you out.

In worst case try filters to abstain any harmful effects.

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The landlords wont help if they are smokers like mine is, my biggest smell comes from down stairs into my food pantry, so what I did was put a small bowl of white vinegar in the pantry and it really has cut down on the stench of smoke. I also put a towel down so that the stench doesnt come out from under the door, HOPE that helps a little. Good Luck !!!

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