vapourousAugust 3, 2012

Hi all,

I'm house shopping and all the houses seem to have some kind of issue. Ugh. The latest one looks great until you get to the basement where there is evidence that water has been in the basement (water lines along the bottom of the old drywall). Barring any kind of structural issue, what is the worst case (most expensive) scenario to correct the basement flooding? Exterior French drain?

The house is well priced about $20k below market so I'm actually considering putting in a low offer even with the basement. The seller will not consider fixing it.


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While $20K might cover exterior issues, you're still left with water damaged mould-contaminated interior framing, drywall and flooring.

Without examining the patient in person, we're only guessing. If you're serious, get an inspection.

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Thanks Worthy.

If I move forward, I would absolutely get an inspection AND a few quotes from waterproofing companies. I'm just trying to gauge if I want to move forward.

Anyone have an idea of how much exterior french drains cost to install per foot (or however they price it)? Ruining the landscaping and access for equipment isn't an issue.

The basement needs a complete renovation and I would tear everything out anyway so I'm not too concerned with that. It was never really finished. The flooring is a piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting (more like felt) placed on top of the concrete.It's not even glued down. The previous owners obviously never used the basement.

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