They gave me the wrong view

gooseman271December 6, 2006

I requested an apartment that had a view of the woods, and that is what the leasing consultant told me I would be getting. I signed my lease today and went to go check out my place only to find out that it was a view of the parking lot, the one thing I did not want. However, I didn't mind it that much. QUESTION: Do you think I can get them to give me some kind of compensation for misleading me? Even after I signed the lease? Like a price cut on the rent? Or free covered parking? Or will they just tell me I should of looked at the place before I signed?

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If you had a lease that specified the view and they could not give it to you, you would have a reason for cause. But you already signed the lease. It is will be very difficult (if not impossible) to attempt to get anything out of this situation. I expect the last sentence of your message will prevail here.

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I'd go back and ask for the other view. They can still say "no", but at least you tried.

I got an apartment one time that was really dark. The apartment I had previously been shown was really light. I went back and explained that I really wanted an apartment with more sunlight. They let me switch. I think I had to wait a few extra days. It all worked out.

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Never rent before seeing what the place looks like.

Someone's word is as good as the piece of paper it is written on. Unless you had a witness or the request is specifically written in the lease, you might have to stay put. Was anyone else around when you spoke to the leasing consultant? When I lived in apt's. I always brought a buddy to look too, so if there were anything wrong, I had a witness. If there is a unit available that overlooks the woods, act now before they rent it. You can always have a friend call up pretending to look. This will tell you if the leasing consultant is being honest.

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Hey Gooseman--what happened? Did you ask them about changing? Please let us all know.

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So apparently the site map had the apartment pointing in the wrong direction. Out of all the apartments it was the only one with the error. They have a 30 day satisfaction period and my situation was applicable. They were nice enough to switch me to another apartment which lucky for me has a lower price. It is taking them a few days to switch me though. They will credit what I already paid and I will sign a new lease this weekend. Seems like it's going to work out though. They also told me that they ordered new maps to be made.

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Awesome!! I have no idea if you are a student or not, but here is a link with a checklist of things to look for just to make sure things work out down the road and that you will not have any problems getting your deposit back.

Good luck with your new place!

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