Any gold coin experts?

newhomebuilderApril 9, 2011

My mother has given me a US Five Dollar Gold Coin pendant on a very long 14K gold chain made in Italy. The gold piece is from 1893 and seems to be in good shape, with no wear. There is no minted date on the coin and the only thing I can find out is that non minted coins were made in Philadelphia.

There does seem to be a bit of what I think is glue on the edge of the coin, in one area only. The coin is encased with a round filigree vice type of surround that is tightened with a screw. (photos to come later if interested.)

I have looked on the internet, but cannot find much information about a coin that has been turned into a pendant, or whether it diminishes the value. A coin collector once told my mother that the coin was valuable.

I am seeing anywhere from $381 for the gold content, to a bit over $500, not including the gold vice, or the chain. In my opinion, that's not extremely valuable, as far as monetary value goes. The pendant was given as a sentiment, so I am not looking to sell, but would like to know if I need to have the coin insured.

Any experts out there that can lead me in the right direction? Thank you!

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I think your advice as to the value is good.
The gold content of the chain and bezel are lots less than the coin....and value all depends on the weight.
The coin is about 1/4 the value as gold is about $350....perhaps the collectors value is more? I don't know....
Check with an on line coin dealer.
Linda C

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Coin book I have from 2008 called "The Official Red Book a Guide Book of United States Coins" by R.S. Yeoman 61st ed. Says your coin is a "half eagle" page 247 gives values. if it has no mint, it is less value than if it has "cc" so look for 2 small cc's, there were also "o" & "s" mint marks along with none. The coin should have a lady liberty head on front with date under it. Back side should have an Eagle with "FIVE D"under the feet &arrows he's holding & United States of America in capitals going around rest of edge. The motto is above the eagle's head. so that is what a real 1 should look like. The highest value in 2008 book was for unused 1 so yours has been handled & maybe damaged but gold has gone up so much. Their MS-60 is 2nd rating & was $275. 1,528,120 were made but I think from what I've read that "half eagles" are well liked by collectors. If you take it somewhere also have pics of both sides & pic of you with it on & duplicates in your car, don't go alone either. My son took a dime made into jewelry to get new little loop at top & left it for the repair & jeweler gave him a receipt but when he came back jeweler acted like he had no idea what this receipt was about & said he didn't have it & didn't know what he was talking about even tho it said lady liberty repair. My DH had made 1 for each of us. So you will get ripped off if you aren't careful. Oh, man in San Francisco makes jewelry from money & said it was not against the law to make jewelry but I think you have to have a license or something now. Mine was made many yrs ago & if it is lovely it is not defacing it. Good Luck!

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Yes, as I mentioned earlier, mine has all that except for the mint. Below is a link to what I also found last night, with most of the same info as your statement. What I don't understand is what the letters and numbers, like MS-60, stand for?

My mother found this coin pendant many years ago outside a downtown store. She turned it into the store keeper in case someone came looking for it. About 6 months later, the store keeper called my mother and told her to come get the pendant because no one had claimed it. At that time, she didn't know it had any value.

The next time my mother was in the store, she picked up the pendant and mentioned the story to a friend who collects coins. He tried to buy it from my mother and told her the worth. My mother did not tell me what he said the worth was, but she was quite proud when she gave me the pendant last week. She added the gold chain after a trip to Italy. I can remember seeing my mother wearing the pendant over the years, but had never heard the story.

sunnyca - That's a shame your son was treated that way by crooks. I'll remember to do as you say. The jeweler that I use is very reputable, a family owned business, but you never know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Half Eagles

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Finally getting around to posting photos of the coin. Sorry that I do not have a good close-up camera.

The front

The back and more of the chain.

Here is a photo that shows the spot of glue? up close.

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Chain may be worth a lot also if gold. ms-70 is perfect not handled & no scratches or marks usually found only in original sealed container it was put in when made. ms-65-Gem uncirculated, above average brilliant or lightly toned & generally in uncirculated condition, very few contact marks on surface or rim. ms-63- Choice uncirculated-has some distracting contact marks or blemishes in prime focal areas. Luster may be impaired. As you can see they are very fussy. These are all coins that mostly have not been touched but might have been stored & moved in their original wrappers & slid or someone partly removed & slid back in etc. Few people would have these but collectors. Then you get down to what is actually used & handled by humans ef-45 choice extremely fine- light overall wear,on many of high points.All details are very sharp. Some of mint luster remains. That is where most of your coin looks like from pic but the glue or whatever could reduce it by quit a bit. If it came off question is it it would damage coin. don't try to clean it. Some coin collectors don't like that at all according to the book. Does that chain have some kind of mark on it. If from Italy it should have the mark for gold ,I would think, either number or letters.Does clasp on chain have a safety catch ,any writing? Hope this helps a bit.

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Thank you for the M-# explanation. Like you say, my coin seems to fall in the "fine, light overall wear" category. Although not seen very well in the photos, the details are very sharp.

I would not attempt to clean myself, and will take to our jeweler the next time I need to have something repaired.

I mentioned in the very first sentence of this thread that the chain is 14K. It does have a safety catch. I love the chain! As you can tell, it is very long and thick.

PS - I have watched a few 1893 $5 gold coins selling for between $360 and $500 on a few online auctions the last couple of days. Some were in worse shape than mine, some better.

Here is a link that might be useful: This guy is dreaming

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Yours should be worth much more than just coin as it has the very nice chain which looks heavy, you could weight it & then check what gold is going for these days. Plus the piece that surrounds the $5 piece probably is fairly hard to come by these days, I don't think it is quite as large as silver $1 piece is it? So you have 3 pieces & possibly together worth more, especially to a good jeweler. Never send gold in mail, it never "gets there" or if somehow it does you get very little money for your gold. Lady I know told me what her DD did. Really got took.

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No, not quite as large as a silver dollar. I am not interested in selling, I only wanted to know if I needed to insure the piece, and for how much. ;)

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