About to lose it! Loud bass is driving me insane!

Kf3399December 25, 2013

Problem solved

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by vans I meant **fans**

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I'm puzzled. The guy gave you his phone number and told you to call if the music got too loud again. Have you done this? You don't say that you have. So if you aren't doing this, then you need to start calling your neighbor.

It does sound as if the neighbor has some sort of surround sound system. Personally, I don't think they should be allowed in apartments, as there is no way to use the system the way it's supposed to be used and not impact all your neighbors. But they don't let me rule the world, alas.

So call your neighbor every single time the bass is too strong. He won't know unless you tell him.

And then you call the landlord. Every single time. You have to make the situation so that it is easier for the landlord to deal with the noisy neighbor than to deal with you.

That doesn't mean that you are nasty, or yell at the landlord or anything like that. It means that every single time the noise is too loud, you contact the landlord and ask them to fix the problem.

Also, keep a log of the noise. "Dec. 26, the music started at 7:20 pm. Can't hear the radio, can't hear TV turned up to volume 75. Two pictures fell off the wall." Every single time.

Then look to see if your city/town has any sort of noise regulations. This guy could be breaking the law.

Even if there are no regulations, call the police on their non-emergency number. Explain the situation and ask what to do. Most places, the police will come out and tell people making too much noise to turn it down or turn it off. They may only be able to do this at certain times of day--say after 10 pm. But they will usually try to help.

The landlord won't be too happy about the police visits, I'm guessing. But that should inspire them to actually do something about the noise.

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Calling the police certainly works where I live for music and barking dogs.

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