hammer drill bit question

andrelaplume2August 7, 2010

my brother in law loaned me a large hitachi hammer drill to use to secure studs to my concrete floor as I finish my basement...a project that starting it 3rd year!

Anyway the the Bosch bit breaks now and then...either they wear out or maybe I am not drilling straight and snap them. The exact bit he had is a 3/16" Bosch tapcon hex bit with a slotted end - $9. Today I noiced a Bosch bit that looked exactly the same, slotted but no hex. It was and inch shorter and $3 cheaper.

Will this bit work? What is the difference...and don't tel me $3!!!!

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So long as it's a masonry bit long enough to go through the wood and far enough into the concrete to hold the concrete screw, it's ok.

Ramset "hammershoot" single-shot 22 cal. tool used to secure baseplate into concrete.

A cheap powder-fastening system, such as the $23 Ramset in the pic, is way faster and less messy. BAM! BAM! BAM!

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thanks...just was not sure why they sold one with the hext on it and one that did not.

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