please i need advice asap

temppyDecember 7, 2010

I am an anchor tenat to a two bed one bath apartment i paid more and paid electricity. my to roommates (A and B)had threanted me and my daughter during a fight. i called the cops but no report was made even though i asked for one. i panicked she continued to be unreasonable and very very domineering towards me. I had a "friend" in the same complex that said i could move in there till the landlord tries to eveict her saying "well they pay rent so i cant have them leave". i moved to a different unit. from 13 to 6. unit 6 is a one bedroom and my family of 5 is cramped in the living room. and my roommated now has a Bf he pays her side of the rent. not two weeks did we move in my current roommates became buddy buddy with the one that threatend my daughter. she says i dont take care of my daughter when i do. and she begain letting the person that threatend my daughter in the apartment. then one of my other so called friends agree with them!! they are alwasy talking behind my back i never feel safe anymore with my ex roommates comming in and out. my landlord wants me to move back in with previous roommates to "show them im not afriad and im not takeing there crap." but they already have 4 other people calling me a bad mother and talking about me behind my back i overhear all the time. these people are scary and very domineeing towards me. im passive i hate confrontation and being quite and mining my own business isnt working. i have no were else to go. my landlord says that she will evict my previous roomates but it will take time. my daughter is 4 months old and shes really stressed out crying all the time. there night schedule sucks. i have become so upset i am now on anxiety meds to keep me scared of these people but i need my place back for the sake of room. they are me but they wont leave. help me please.

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You need to figure out what your legal options are. If the people in your apartment are subleasers to you, can you evict them? Can your landlord? Are they on your lease? Or is just your name on your lease?

At any rate, sit down with the landlord and see if there is any possibility of getting an apartment for just your family, with no roommates. If the landlord will not work with you, try to find a different apartment. You need to get out of there.

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You need to find a local agency with social workers who can fight for you, as you can't do it for yourself. You need people to help you find out what your rights are and help you get them enforced. You should NOT have a baby in those situations and if you need to go to a shelter you'd be better off. You sound as if you're completely lost and must find help - do not remain at the mercy of those people and do not allow your daughter to be in the middle of it.

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