Fixing moisture prob - who to consult re: at grade slab?

Alice JohannenAugust 30, 2006

Hi there --

We live in a split-entry house that was built on an at-grade slab foundation (all house levels are above grade, there is no crawl space or basement below the slab on the first floor).

We are having moisture issues in one corner of the house (our first floor MBR) that we want to solve. Nothing drastic like running water, but mildewed carpet (gross enough). We are trying to find someone to consult with who can help us solve the problem, but all the basement waterproofers say they don't work on slab foundations like ours. Who else should we ask?

We've been able to glean from online research that we need to put gutters on the house and regrade the landscaping around this particular corner to shunt water away from the house. So, we're working on getting people hired to do that work for us.

But if that doesn't completely solve the problem, who should we be talking to about what other steps to take? It's our bedroom after all, so we can't just sorta "live with it" like we could if it was a basement.

Any advice most appreciated!

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If you were in florida it would be call a roofer to fix the leak. Or call a window guy to fix that leak.

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Alice Johannen

Oh, actually, the leak is not in the roof or window. We believe moisture is wicking in through the slab foundation. So we're looking for someone to guide us through ensuring the foundation (aka floor!) will not mildew again, since it's our bedroom.

Sorry for the confusion!

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You need to get rid of the water source. Your on the right track to pitch the grade away from the house and to add gutters. Make sure the downspouts carry the water away from the house.

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