Does my estimate seem reasonable?

sconwayAugust 30, 2009

I live in Northern VA where any remodeling seems to expensive. I want to add a home gym in the last remaining unfinished area in my basement where the furnance, water heater and sump pump are located (about 25x25). I want to enclose a 12x15 area for the home gym. The underground walls are already insulated and most electrical work is done. I want to know what is a good range per sq ft to get this done. After reading the forum, does the $20-$25 per sq ft. still apply?

Here is what I need done:

1) soundproof/insulate ceiling and walls

2) smooth drywall (ceiling and walls)

3) Electrical - add 3 canister ceiling lights, 1 ceiling fan, about 5 double receptacles, separate 2 ceiling lights from current switch to their own switch (these will be in unfinished area. Might need to move 2 of the existing canister lights.

4) Crown moulding and baseboards

5) Mirrored wall from crown moulding to baseboard (8x10)

6) Floating laminate floors with cork underlayment

6) 1 double door to have access to furnance and water heater area

7) 1 door to access sump pump area

8) Mounting for Plasma TV on wall (already have tv). Cable already available.

9) Speakers on wall

  1. Don't know if I need any HVAC work done since the rest of the basement is finished (1300sqft)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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