Help identifying tapestrys please!

IsadoramdApril 21, 2014


I'm really hopeful there is someone out there as the internet in general is proving pretty useless.
I bought two tapestry's at auction last week and need some help.

The first, which I have already hung is a pretty French one - I have no idea as to its providence but would love some info on the scene if anyone recognizes it.

The second is more complex - I have a degree in History so I know enough to know it's old (with lots of more recent repairs) but I have no idea how old, or how to care for it.

The backing is falling off and it's incredibly brittle, It cracks if you breath on it wrong. I don't live anywhere near a restorer, and am not sure traveling to one is worth it. Can anyone help? How can I put a new back on it, or hang it if it's turning to dust? Should I frame it? Help!

Thank you....

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One that is hanging

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Back of older tapestry

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