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diydanaDecember 20, 2003

So my neighbor Jean died on April fools and her family threw all her stuff away...well most of it. I was asked to take the trash out on trash day for money...although I did it for free...anyway...they told me that they can't fit all her stuff on the uhaul so they are dumping it. I went through it all and came out with oodles of stuff. So this year I have her never used Christmas deco and craft goods. She had most of the stuff never opened. I deco my outside trees and bushes as well as inside and I put ornaments on everyones gifts.

Not only was it free and I recycled but now Jean is evey where.

I went to Goodwill they had bags of old ornaments for 2.00 a huge bag full. We bought a new tree this year..too small for tons of stuff....mission:


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ah, but there's an apartment-living angle to your post--the communal trash.

Nobody had to die for me to do it, but I snagged a big batch of construction paper from the garbage once; I think Justin upstairs had a school project w/ lots of greens and browns (maybe he made a tree?), because those colors were all gone (or nearly).

Our downstairs neighbors got a new fireplace screen, and we snagged their old one (it fit our fireplace, since it's the same size).

True folks in houses can take stuff out of other people's trash, but it's easier in an apt. bldg.

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