Water in garage

hlaura81December 10, 2003

I live in a very nice 4-plex, but have a landlord who is, to be nice, a jerk. Everything that goes wrong, he either does not want to fix, or tries to blame it on me. Well, here in Minnesota, we have a lot of snow! I am in and out of my garage all day long, and of course the car brings in snow on the tires. All of a sudden, the water is puddling badly-it is not going anywhere, and seems to settle at the left side of the garage. (My garage is in between two others.) This did not happen last winter. Is there something that I can do to clear out the water? It is getting very frustrating, and I thought I would try this before I tell him, and have deal with him.

Thanks for your help!

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Sweep it out with a broom....or try leaving your car out until the "fender bergs" drop off and then drive into the garage.
Those with attached garages and a door leading directly into their house, learn that a cleaner garage means a cleaner house. Leave your car outside during the day as you run your errands....then put it in when you are home for the day.
Linda C

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This is just a fact of life in northern climates. I kick off the clumps of salt and snow from under the wheel well before I pull into my garage.

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