bus_driverAugust 24, 2011

My house is about 250 miles from the Virginia earthquake epicenter. Based on well driller's experience in this area, solid granite is about 60 feet below the surface here. I have Superior Walls foundation/basement with units 10' high. The house is two story. I was upstairs when the quake struck. Some items rattled and everything on a table or desk shook visibly. I assume that the upstairs moved more than the downstairs. About half of my basement is daylight with site-laid brick face on the Superior Walls. I have found no cracks in the brick work. Based on the accounts of two neighbors who have concrete block foundations, their houses must have shaken comparably to mine. I had wondered how Superior Walls would react and fare in an earthquake. Since I was only at one place, my conclusions are not perfect. But it looks as if the SW works OK with these tremors. The bolts initially installed to hold the wall units together are not the forces holding the walls after construction is PROPERLY completed.

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Bump, so it will start moving off the list.

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I have a number of calls from customers with damage to joints between masonry chimneys and wood frame houses.

I have examined most of them already, and they are not that serious.

No masonry cracks, just flashing pulled away, one large enough you can easily see light through the gap (counter flashing bent up over 45 degrees).

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